12th November 2012

How to use Color in Online Video to Brand your Business

Hey Revolutionaries, it’s time for another Revolution Productions explainer video spotlight! Today’s post takes us up north a bit to Canada, where our client BlueFur provides fast, reliable web hosting services. There are many hosting services all over the world, so why should you choose BlueFur? Well let’s have our character BigBlue tell you:

BlueFur has numerous advantages over other hosting sites in Canada, and our fun character helps explain them in an easy-to-understand way. Using BigBlue instead of a regular voice-over (sans character) is great for a number of reasons in this web video.

hosting service in Canada

Reasons Why we Love BigBlue

  • His name fits in nicely with the product’s name — BigBlue…BlueFur..see what we did there?
  • He is dark and light blue, which reflects our clients color scheme on their website and logo as well.
  • He’s distinct. He is not just a male or female character chatting your ear off, we created a specialized creature that viewers will remember.
  • He offers a discount! And who doesn’t love that?!

hosting service

So when you’re planning on making your explanatory video, remember to use a relatable character, even if it’s not a human!

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Anish hails from London and holds a degree in software engineering from the University of Manchester. Following his education, he worked for several years in the financial industry as a platform administrator before founding Revolution Productions in 2008. In addition to over seven years of video production, Anish is seen as an industry professional, adding his insight in publications such as VentureBeat, ReelSEO and Wistia.

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