14th November 2012

How Public Figures use Web Video

The tides have changed in the world of advertising and publication with the increasing popularity of online videos and online video services. Celebrities and public figures are using digital content for publicity to further to promote their image. The number of people using online video ranges from celebs such as Oprah Winfrey to government figures such as President Obama.

Obama uses online video

While it is no surprise that celebs are utilizing video, what is noticeable is the drastic shift from print to video. Specifically, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc. has made the switch from print to digital content. They have cut monthly publications such as the Everyday Food Magazine and made the information available on the company’s website, the YouTube channel, as well as the daily video newsletter. Before the revolution of digital age, the print publication was the company’s largest division.

everydayFOODBut now, company executives say that revenue fell over 16%, and so decided it was time to move things over to media channels people were really looking at: Video!


This move will surely be followed by others as online video takes over. Online video is becoming the preferred method that the general public wants to receive their news, their advertisements, and their information. Online videos have heavily impacted the elections by helping candidates gain publicity. And now, celebrities are using it to build a reputation. Clearly, it is here to stay.

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