7th November 2012

How to Use Video in Linkedin Ads

The professional-focused social networking site, LinkedIn, now offers video-ads to business owners on their self-serve platform, LinkedIn Ads. Text and image-based ads were already available to advertisers on the site, and now companies have the option of showcasing a 30-second video ad. That’s Awesome! These ads are a great way to educate, persuade, and get into the minds of the people who count the most: Your next potential client.

Now for the specifics. Web video ads will appear in standard 300 x 250 ad units across the site. The video can be accompanied by a 75-character description of the company, product, or service, so keep it short! As with the current text and image ads, after the video completes, users will be able to click through to your landing page or visit your website. LinkedIn created the useful option of importing new videos or using ones that have already been uploaded to a YouTube channel. This cross-post ability will help companies capture new LinkedIn audiences, while continuing to attract viewers on YouTube.

LinkedIn Video Ads

These videos will compete for impressions similar to how traditional text and image ad formats do. The advertisers will have the ability to purchase video ads against pay-per-view and pay-per-click metrics. LinkedIn also offers a targeting option to make their ads for a specific audience, including job title/ function, industry, company, seniority, age, and LinkedIn Groups.

Companies who now advertise with LinkedIn’s new video capabilities can predict great benefits. Not only can their ads be seen by the enormous group of members that visit the site daily, but also have the ability to tailor their ads to specific audiences that they want to reach. Many companies have a lot more to say than can typically fit in a text ad, so why not make a video for LinkedIn and if you need a really awesome video to put in the ad, call us!

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