5th October 2012

Vimeo Offers a ‘Tip Jar’: Marketing Ploy or Funding the Arts?

We’ve seen it all with viral videos, from biting babies to stealth ninja cats. Although captivating, many are left wondering, can viral videos do anything else but make us laugh? And, if so, can anyone make money creating viral videos? Well, now, this can potentially happen! Vimeo has introduced a new application, the ‘Tip Jar’, a feature that allows viewers to support video creators with small cash payments in order to aid these creators in developing more videos.

Vimeo Features

This feature is only offered to Vimeo PRO or Plus subscribers and allows viewers to tip up to $500 through a paypal account. However, regulations prohibit tips on commercial advertisement or political videos.

Many are skeptical of the potential success of the ‘tip jar’. Since people can already view videos, what is going to compel them to tip? Kerry Trainor, CEO of Vimeo, argues that a street performer would receive more tips through an online video performance than performing on the street because “there’s a lot more people on Vimeo then there are on your average street.” Essentially, the company is telling viewers to support the video arts.

So, is using the ‘tip jar’ the way of the future for Internet video production? Is it another concept to fund local artists or just a ploy from Vimeo to get more users? Sound off your thoughts on Twitter and Facebook!

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