3rd October 2012

How to Streamline your Pre-Production Process when Shooting Web Videos

Here you are, you finally made the decision to shoot the game changing explanatory video for your business. Before you jump to it, consider what you will need to streamline the pre-production process. A quality video takes a lot of time, research, and thought. There is essential information that we, as your explanatory video creators (because, of course, you’ll hire us), need to know in order to produce your masterpiece.

preproduction for video

Here are factors you should consider for pre-production

1. Examine the purpose of your video: The most important factor of your video is the overall message. What is the main objective of making your video? Why are you doing this? Is it to sell a product or service?

2. Define your audience: The style of your video must appeal to the people you are trying to target. So figure out who that group is before getting out the camera. Is it teens? Because then we will make the video more light-hearted. Is it retirees? Because then we will be more formal.

3. How is your message going to bait the audience: Let’s face it, the point of your video is partly to captivate new potential customers. So what do you offer that others don’t? How are you better than the competition? What makes you special?

4. Your Budget: Estimating the amount of money you are willing to invest in your video is crucial before the production process. This does not necessarily mean that more money means better videos. If you are working on a tight budget, there are definitely ways to creatively display your messaging.

When making videos, we typically ask our clients to consider these points. Once we’re all in agreement, this can really streamline the process and enable us to make our famous videos efficiently. So, sit down with your team, have a little meet-up and discuss these questions before your video production begins!

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Anish hails from London and holds a degree in software engineering from the University of Manchester. Following his education, he worked for several years in the financial industry as a platform administrator before founding Revolution Productions in 2008. In addition to over seven years of video production, Anish is seen as an industry professional, adding his insight in publications such as VentureBeat, ReelSEO and Wistia.

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