8th February 2013

How to Market your Video on Pinterest

We all know Pinterest. It’s that photo-sharing site where users share recipes, DIY projects, travel photos, and everything of that sort. But is it more than just cupcakes and landscapes? Can video marketing be added to that mix? Well, Pinterest is the fourth largest traffic source online and Pinterest has the most referral traffic — even more than YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn combined and Pinterest is the third most popular network, so we want to say yes.

If you do decide to go forward with video marketing and Pinterest, here is what you should do:

1. Make enticing thumbnails. Since this is a photo-sharing site, make sure when you load your  video the thumbnail comes out nice. Using Vimeo you can edit this so that users are more likely to click on it.

2. Describe your Video Pins and Video Boards. Pinterest makes you describe the content you put up, so take advantage! Users are searching for video more and more, so make sure you say it’s a video, maybe even hashtag #video for more emphasis. Since you cannot add a video straight to your site (if they click your Pin, they will be redirected to YouTube or Vimeo), include a link to your website in the description so viewers can see more about your cool company.

3. Call to Action – Pinterest Style. We go on and on about the importance of your call to action. This time – add a ‘Pin it’ button next to your video player. It takes users about 10 seconds to re-pin something, so make it that much easier for them.

marketing on Pinterest

Why you might reconsider adding Pinterest to your video marketing plan:

Currently, only 26% of B2B companies are currently using Pinterest, which is a low number. For B2B companies, you must have a clear plan of action when entering the video Pinterest world. As B2C companies can easily find their market on the photo-sharing sites, the B2B companies have a bit more trouble.

If you are thinking about adding your video content to Pinterest, make sure whoever is handling your video needs is aware of that, so they can make videos tailored to that audience. You can’t bore people on Pinterest – it’s an exciting, energetic site. But there is room for additional videos, so consider adding your videos, labeled appropriately, and seek out your target market — there are a lot of us on this site!

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