6th February 2013

How to Show Examples of Corporate Videos for Trade Shows

Nowadays If you’re participating in a trade show, you are going to need more than a banner and some pamphlets. Even if your sign is super cool with bright colors, you can’t compete with someone that has a video. Don’t forget, we’re all simple people, and our eyes wander towards video, moving shapes and colors, we all drift towards that.

Using video in a trade show display is a great way to catch the attention of participants (and edge out competition). But, your video must be good. How painful is it to watch a bad video with awkward timing, script, and bad production? It’s uncomfortable. Luckily, many companies, including yours truly, can make awesome videos specifically for trade shows.

Let’s take a look at some great examples from our clients. First up, Kapost:

This video is less than a minute. Why? Because people are walking around trade shows and don’t have time to watch a ten minute video. This video is straight to the point, but it’s also interesting and uses branding colors as well…oh, and it has great production quality …well, we think so, at least.

Next up, HelloFax:

This video is even shorter! I know, how do they do it? This video can run on a loop during a trade show or it can be played sporadically when talking to different groups.

You can show examples of corporate videos for trade shows to highlight customer testimonials or even new products that will be launched soon. One of the best things about using video is that it’s non-threatening. The participants simply need to watch your video, instead of speaking to you (hey, shy people go to trade shows too). If they like your product, they can then ask you questions. It’s a great way to get in front of all types of customers, so make sure you talk to an online video production company before your next trade show.

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