11th February 2013

Predict the Virality of Online Videos with Video Prediction Tool

Viral Videos – something we all want, but not everyone can achieve. Many people say that there is no formula to know if your video will go viral or not, but UnRuly, a UK firm specializing in tracking and calculating viral videos, says they have a new tool that knows which videos will be the next Gangnam Style. The company launched “UnRuly Share Rank”, which supposedly can tell if your video will be a hit or not.

The company does not disclose exactly how their “Share Rank” tool works, only that it is based off of data from their Viral Video Chart. The tool uses a “proprietary algorithm which allows advertisers to accurately predict the ‘shareability’ of a video, before it is even launched.” What this “proprietary algorithm” is, we don’t know. But I suppose if they did disclose that, they’d be out of business.

Viral Video

What does this mean for your next video? The company boasts that they can predict how successfully a video will be before millions are spent on advertising. For huge companies, this can be a financial benefit – and from the client list on UnRuly’s website, it seems as though they have helped a lot of Fortune 500 companies.

While the company has years of data, we wonder if they can keep up with the ever-changing video market. It seems as though UnRuly can work wonders for companies who continually make explanatory videos for their companies, but for smaller companies using an explanative video to get on the map? We’re not sure how much help they’ll be – especially since pricing details aren’t disclosed.

We’d love to know the algorithm behind the predictions, and it’s fun to look at their Viral Video Chart, but for smaller businesses, a good video and sound targeting will probably take you further.

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