25th February 2013

Video Distribution: How to Maximize Exposure

Using a video distribution, or video syndication, tool can maximize the exposure of your
online video. The basic point of doing this is to get your video in front of as many eyes as possible; therefore, ideally, your consumer-base grows. There are different sites that can help you do this, so let’s take a look!


First up is the big one: TubeMogul. Started in 2006, this video distribution giant boasts an awesome analytics software, InPlay. InPlay aggregates all analytics to give you a nice and easy singular report. Having top-notch reporting allows you to check out how successful or unsuccessful your video campaigns are – so you can make tweaks to improve.

Probably the second most popular is Video Wildfire, which is cheaper than TubeMogul. Their website, however, is very lacking and looks like spam. However, this site is especially great for individuals pushing their video content. Bigger brands are more likely to pay for better analytics, but Video Wildfire will push out your video content for the low price of about $20 per month.

video app spread

A third site to take a look at is Hey!Spread. This site allows users to pay for what they use, instead of buying monthly plans. This is great for a web video, as they may not run as many campaigns as larger businesses do. The company also offers other services in the video realm, so it can be a one-stop-shop for some customers.

And lastly, you can always manually upload your videos. You know how to market your business so put your video on the sites you want. Depending on your budget, timing, and analytical needs, one of these sites should be able to help you distribute your video.

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