22nd February 2013

How to Create a Cohesive Message and Theme in Video

Let’s get environmental! Our latest video took us around the world to Australia, where we created an explainer video for Sun+, Australia’s fastest growing solar company. We created an awesome video for them, so let’s all get on the same page first by watching the video.

Pretty cool, right? So let’s take a look at some major themes in our video and break them down. We aren’t any regular online video production company; we carefully craft a video that will have a positive response from the viewer. And that is where our first theme comes into play: The sun!

 solar power for your home

I mean, come on, this is a solar company. We constantly revert back to this positive image of the sun and clean, clear messages in the center. This sunny messaging (…get it), mixed with the client’s logo colors, is positive, reinforcing, and easy to understand.

Another theme we use is cost-saving. We all want to use clean energy, but it can be expensive, so we reinforce the amount you will save by using Sun+. We put in images like this:

solar panels

And now look how relaxed those people are — don’t you want that to be you? I know I do. Oh, and did anyone notice that our truck reads “Free Service”?

Using distinct themes helps us to create a cohesive message that is relatable to the viewer, and that is the most important aspect of creating an online video . We worked closely with the client to make sure their ideas, thoughts, and values came across in the video, but we also added in some subtle hints for the viewer to have a positive experience when watching. So, do you need a little help getting going on your video? Contact us and we can help make your ideas come to life.

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