18th February 2013

Watch your Online News with Guide: The Video News App

OK busy people, listen up – this is an app for you. Guide, an app currently in alpha, takes all of your news and puts it in video form. What? That’s right. They did it. The application that plans to launch in March pulls all of your news, blogs, and whatever you want to read together, allows you to choose the avatar of your liking, and makes a video for you to easily watch instead of reading your daily news. Pretty cool, right?

Guide Video App

So what can this do for you? As the website says, “We took everything you love about the Internet, smart devices and TV and blended it together.”

In other words: Make your life easier.

But first, let’s talk about the bad stuff in the app. The website is a bit glitchy – as expected for a startup, but it was a bit hard to read some of the text. Maybe they did that on purpose to show us how reading the text is bad and video is good? Who knows, these crafty app makers can do anything.

Another con to the app is that avatar’s lips don’t match the text. If you’re just listening, that’s fine, but otherwise that can be annoying to some.

The good? You can have a puppy read you the news! Ok but really, you can have “someone” aka an avatar brief you on the news while you get ready in the morning, drink your coffee, make your breakfast, so you walk into the office ready to go!

Check out their product demo video here; though, I don’t think it gives this idea justice. This idea is so great because it’s jumping on the ‘video is everywhere and will soon be everything’ bandwagon – and early. Because more and more people prefer watching videos to reading text, we see success in the future for Guide.

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