27th February 2013

Harlem Shake: How to Copy Viral Video Trends

We’ve all seen at least one of these videos. They’re everywhere, so unless you’re so disconnected or really hate viral videos, you’ve seen a Harlem Shake video. Just Google or YouTube it. There are thousands, and even more uploaded to YouTube daily. The videos start the same: a calm setting and one person with some sort of helmet moving his hips while everyone goes about their business. Then the beat changes, and the video transitions into a jump cut and the whole room goes wild. So like all the viral videos before it, we have to wonder why? What made this a viral sensation?

First, the video is fast. Most of these videos last about a minute, so viewers don’t have to spend too much time to get the entertainment they want. This is what a good viral video production company should know: Get to the fun part fast.

Second, the music is upbeat. Music changes our mood, and when it is fast and quick, it perks up our mood. “Harlem Shake” has quick beats that are an online video producers dream, as it puts the viewer in a good mood, preparing them for a laugh.

Third, they’re funny! Some people make online videos that are just hilarious, and Harlem Shake allows them to be really, really funny. And hey, we like funny videos.

And last but not the least, users are given a creative license. The best part about Harlem Shake videos is anyone can make and upload it – no online video producers’s needed. We’ve all thought about what we’d do in our video, come on, admit it. Anyone can make a Harlem Shake video, and, if it’s good, it can go viral. That’s what makes a really good viral video – that it can be recreated easily (think how many Gangnam Style’s there are).

So, readers, with all of those elements done really well, is it a surprise that Harlem Shake went viral? Even with minor Internet video production, anyone can have the shot at going viral, as we found out from this example. So go ahead, get on this viral video trend before it expires!

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Anish hails from London and holds a degree in software engineering from the University of Manchester. Following his education, he worked for several years in the financial industry as a platform administrator before founding Revolution Productions in 2008. In addition to over seven years of video production, Anish is seen as an industry professional, adding his insight in publications such as VentureBeat, ReelSEO and Wistia.

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