10th December 2012

Targeted TV ads: The Next Trend for Online Video

Targeted TV ads

Targeted ads aren’t new. You sign into your email, Facebook, etc. and there it is: Do you want to lose weight fast? And a picture of a person with a large stomach spilling over their pants. Or maybe that’s just mine…

What is new is that in 2013, the UK’s leading provider BSkyB will allow advertisers to target 90 different demographic attributes via television. Crazy, right? BSkyB is trial-launching an NDS Dynamic-powered service to seven million set-top boxes (STB) under the AdSmart banner. According to Sky:

When a break contains a Sky AdSmart instruction, a unique code is sent to all Sky+HD STBs at the precise moment selected in the schedule. Households with matching attributes will seamlessly trigger the playing of an appropriate ad for the circumstances.

So now, when you’re sitting on the couch with those potato chips dripping down your shirt, you too might get a weight loss ad.

Alright, let’s bring this back to a relevant topic: What does this mean for you? Well, perhaps at this very moment, nothing. But, if your product and explainer video is targeting the UK, specifically on Sky channels, you should be aware of this new offering and what it means for TV advertising. If this is a success and it takes off,  then we recommend that you call us to recreate a 30 second version of  your explainer video to be broadcasted to your target market on TV!

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