5th December 2012

The Fiscal Cliff, Explained!

Is it me or are politics getting hot in here? (come on…that was good!) Well, as you know, we are in midst of some serious political decisions in the US; one in particular is the fiscal cliff. We have been following the news coverage on this topic and we realized, you know what, it’s confusing! It is scary to think how something so influential on the peoples’ future can actually be this confusing…so Revolution Productions did what we do best — we put a video on it!

Alright before we go further, check out our video, written, animated, produced, loved, cared for, etc by us, and see the difference of what a little visual explaining can do for one (heck) of a complicated message:

So was that simplified or was that simplified? Ask yourself, before watching this, did you really understand the impact of the Fiscal Cliff? Well we aren’t here to scare you, but we sought an opportunity that our services provide-to clarify those technical details that are soon to affect many of us.

fiscal cliff

So, why did we do this video (other than to show off)? Some topics are just hard to explain, so it is great to visually express complicated concepts. Here at Revolution Productions, we know an explainer video can go far beyond a company demo or lecture, sometimes even the news around us, needs to be clarified. Know something a little confusing? Well you let us know…who knows, maybe we’ll make a video about it!

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Anish hails from London and holds a degree in software engineering from the University of Manchester. Following his education, he worked for several years in the financial industry as a platform administrator before founding Revolution Productions in 2008. In addition to over seven years of video production, Anish is seen as an industry professional, adding his insight in publications such as VentureBeat, ReelSEO and Wistia.

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