8th April 2013

Online Sports Management: Meet LeagueToolbox

Our latest corporate web video is for LeagueToolbox, a league management software. This particular video targets those people who are in charge of managing a sports league for their children. So we have the coach, some parents, maybe a board member…something along the lines of this:

Sports League Animation

And why are they so distraught and exasperated? Well that’s because they are trying organize a league on paper — an outdated and inefficient way to manage leagues. Enter our client LeagueToolbox, which will make these people happier. Watch our corporate animation video to see what it can do.

And now look – we turned that frown upside down since the league is much easier to manage using this platform.

Happy Sports League Animation

So now you see how we targeted this video and showed the client in a very positive light. Let’s go ahead and talk about the call to action, as this corporate video asks a very specific action from the viewer. Many call to actions entice the viewer to the website (if they are done properly), but LeagueToolbox’s is specific in that they want the viewer to try a 30-day trial. That is a great call to action, as viewers love to try things before they buy. Take a look:

Call to Action Example

This call to action is clean, simple and to the point. Sometimes videos have a call to action that is complicated or overly wordy, which completely defeats the purpose. This video’s call to action is perfect in that it states exactly what you need to do: Go to the website and use the trial. And that’s that.

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