5th April 2013

The Best Applications to Shoot an Explainer Video on an iPhone

Need a quick explainer video? No time for online video production services now? Well you’re in luck, because we’re going to give you the best iPhone applications to shoot your explanatory video. So, without further ado, here’s our list!

Apple created this video app that lets you shoot and edit your videos, adding in sounds and transitions easily. If you want to shoot a live video for your company or have some customer testimonials, this app is probably for you. After you’re done, you can just upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo. All for the whopping price of $4.99.

Want to take it up a notch? Download this video app to capture high definition videos – that’s right, this takes it to the next level. Pixorial also allows you to easily upload your HD video to social media sites and syncs with Google Drive, so you can access it easily. And, it’s free! If you’re ready for a real investment, it’s $1.99 for the Premium version.

This is a straightforward simple application that allows you to create stop-motion, animation, and claymotion videos. It’s for a video novice, so all you need to do is shoot a scene, adjust and repeat. Oh, and it’s free, so give it a shot!

Are you a more experienced videographer? Well good for you! Try this app that features time-lapse photo series, self-timer shots or rapid-fire shots. It’s only $1.99, so if you’ve graduated from your novice stature, try it out.

This application lets you take all of your animation and make them into hand-drawn videos. All you need to do it put your animation in the order you want, and then press a button and watch as it transforms into hand-drawn animation. Easy as can be.

So there you go. So many tips and tricks to make your own explainer video. Of course, if you have more time and budget, talk to some online video producers to let them make your flick.

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