10th April 2013

Animated or Live Production? What Video Does your Business Need?

Once you’re ready to begin your producing your video, you will begin to question what type of video style is best for your company or product. It can be tough! So many choice, so little time! Most videos incorporate some animation and/or film, so let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each, so you can show your online video production company how ready you really are!


Pros: Animations are easily trusted (think about cartoons that taught you life lessons). A younger audience will especially respond to an animated video, rather than film, as it takes them away from reality a bit. Also with animation, you can make yourself an unique character and really brand your video. Animation is for all ages, no one gets tired of this method.

Cons: If you are trying to do the video yourself, it will be tough, as animation takes some skill. There are tools to help you along the way, but usually hiring an animator is your best bet. And they don’t work for free, so this option may end up a bit pricer than film (depending on your actors).


Pros: Real-life situations resonate well with audiences. For example, think about animal rescue commercials. By showing real-life (and real sad) situations, the viewer has an emotional response. This type of video is really good for charity organizations. If you have a really specific market, you can make it very relatable, because you can find someone that looks exactly like your target market.

Cons: Using film usually requires a bigger team, as you need actors, sound people, camera people, and editors to make the final cut perfect. Also, the whole video depends on the skill of the actors, so if you don’t invest in that, your video may lose its impact. Sometimes having a sole presenter in film can be too promotional, so be careful if going this route.

So who wins? Well, first you need to take a look at your target market and budget. After considering those two options, you should probably be able to make a decision as to what video style is best for your video. Always talk to your web video production company, as they should have some input as well.

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