18th March 2013

How to Simply Explain your Product in Video

Continuing education is crucial for many professions. Who has time to take off work to travel to conferences? Not us! Today’s spotlight is on Ce4Less, a service that provides online and home-study continuing education for mental health professionals. First let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

For this video, we needed to make the concept as simple as possible. The problem that most people have when considering education is that the application process is complicated. This problem is solved by our client, so we needed to drive that point home by making a non-complicated video.

Take a look at some of our storyboards:

online learning tool

Not only is the voiceover easy to follow, but the corresponding graphics are simple and easy to digest. The last thing we want to do here is overwhelm our viewers with our web video production.

Now, let’s move onto other graphics in this explainer videos. For example, did you notice the pictures inside the home?

online learning course

Remind you of anything? Look on the computer…now look in at the pictures…back at the computer. See what we did there? We included versions of the CE4Less logo inside more of our video. Many video production websites might skip smaller details like that – but not us! Our website video production uses all of the subtle hints we can in order to brand the video for the client.

So for the mental health professionals seeking further education, there is a simple solution: CE4Less. For CE4Less, there is a simple video: The one we created. It is important to keep all content branded, which is why we use every opportunity we have to include logos and company color schemes without overwhelming the viewer. Like what you see? Contact us to see how we can brand your company with a video.

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