15th March 2013

How to Attract your Target Market through Video

You have started to form ideas for your next online video – great! You are on your way. One of the first things you need to do, if you haven’t already, is identify your target market. This is key. Many companies simply hire a viral video production company to ‘make a video that goes viral’, but they forget the key aspect: You must target correctly. If you make a video ‘for everyone’ your viewers will be no one. So find your target market, and then follow our guide on how to attract this target market using a video.

1. Color is important. Maybe your logo is black, but your target market is women 25-40. They probably won’t really react to a dark and stormy video. Of course you can include elements of your logo and colors, but be aware that most women (or men) do not respond to that color positively. For our client MsNowMrs.com, we used pink and white. Why? Because the target market is brides, who will respond and react to those colors.

color in video

2. Characters are Key. Your main character that you are featuring should be relatable to your target market. Of course, in some cases it makes sense to use an animated figure, but other times, you should try to mimic your target market. For example, our client Triumph

characters in video

Learning targets teachers, so we made our character…a teacher!

3. Voices and Accents Matter. Sometimes people choose a random voiceover artist without thinking it through. Sometimes it’s fine, but other times it can change the way viewers feel about your video. In general, finding a neutral accent is best, especially if you target both the US and the UK. However, for targeting women, it’s best to use a female voiceover , and for men, it’s best to use a male voiceover artist. It will allow your users to sympathize more with your video.

4. Always include the WHY. At the end of the day, your viewers will want to know why this is important to me. This should be obvious to the viewer. Put yourself in your target market’s shoes and make sure your video shows them why they need your product, company, or service. If your explainer video does not do that, then you can’t expect sales to increase.

So there you have it, more tips for your online videos. We like to sit down with our clients and make sure we have all of this information before we start production, making the whole process seamless and easy.

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Anish hails from London and holds a degree in software engineering from the University of Manchester. Following his education, he worked for several years in the financial industry as a platform administrator before founding Revolution Productions in 2008. In addition to over seven years of video production, Anish is seen as an industry professional, adding his insight in publications such as VentureBeat, ReelSEO and Wistia.

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