3rd July 2013

Create professional Videos with RODE’s Micophone for iPhone

Your iPhone can really come in handy when it comes to on-the-go video production. You almost always have it with you, it can easily capture video, and it’s cheaper than many video cameras. Using your iPhone camera is a great way to take a video of your new baby laughing, but sometimes the sound can be lacking. If you’re looking to create more serious video with an iPhone, then you should check out RODE’s smartLav microphone designed for your iPhone or tablet.

Sound is incredibly important if you’re making a video, because, of course, you want people to hear about your product or service! But, as you know, sometimes a great moment comes along outside of a shoot or the office, so you need to be ready. What’s great about the smartLav microphone for iPhone is that it uses a standard TRRS connection that can plug directly into a smartphone or tablet’s headset input, so it’s really easy to assemble.

RODE microphone for iPhone 4

What makes this microphone unique? The website puts it simply:The smartLav is supplied with a foam pop shield to minimise wind noise and vocal ‘plosives’ (hard ‘b’, ‘t’ and ‘p’ sounds), as well as a durable mounting clip with in-built cable management.

If the sound is off on your video, then it ruins the validation of your entire video. Therefore, videographers must pay just as much attention to sound as to filming.

Have you tried smartLav? Or other microphones for iPhones or tablets? Let us know in the comments what you like the best.

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