1st July 2013

How to Dress for TV

Many explainer videos use a presenter, where an actor or actress will explain the product or service in front of the camera, often with music or some sound and a variety of images. While we don’t often use the presenter method, we do have some tricks and tips when it comes to dressing the part. Too often we’ve seen presenters wear ostentatious outfits that completely distract from the point of the video. Therefore, we give you:

Tips on how to dress for TV or a Professional Video

1. Clothing Color: When it comes to clothing options, wearing solids is a much better bet than wearing stripes or patterns, as they can look strange on camera. The fabric should not be too shiny, because that can be distracting or look almost wet on camera.

What to wear on TV

2. Accessories: Overly loud or outlandish accessories should be avoided. In your explainer video production, the point is that the audience focuses on your product or service, not on your big necklace or flashy watch. One must have? A tie clip (if you have a tie on, of course), since that will keep the tie in place during filming.

3. Make-up: Yes, everyone should wear makeup on screen. Why? Because without it, you can look too shiny, which, again, distracts from the main point of your video. Some powder on the face is all you need to be camera ready for both female and male presenters!

For most videos , you should already know the background colors, so choose your clothes based off of that as well. You don’t want to blend into the background! Also bring a change of clothes to the shoot, in case the videographer wants to make some last minute changes..you never know, and you want the shot to be just right!

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