12th August 2013

Landing Page Video: Why You Need It

One of the best ways to use video is on your landing page of your website. Have you ever come across a website where your first impression of the company was an attention-grabbing, memorable video?

That is the type of impression that sticks with the audience and garners interest from consumers all over the world.

web videos on landing pages

Why would you want to use a video on your landing page?  Well, that’s easy — videos compel, and as they compel, they sell. They help sell the topic, idea, or physical product you are introducing to online users. A recent research report by Invodo found that 52% of consumers believe watching a product video makes them more confident in online purchases and the same number of consumers are less likely to return a product after watching a video. Landing page videos are the ideal addition to a website because they increase conversion and purchase rates while also decreasing friction for online consumers. This can only be achieved however, if the video is done right.

So, you finally believe us and want a landing page on your website. This video will be the first thing people see when they sign onto your website; therefore, it must capture the audience’s intrigue right off the bat in order to keep them on your page, and possibly for companies, turn them into customers.

The first, and most important, aspect to think about when starting your landing video is the content. You do not want the video to reminisce a blog, or something that you can put on your podcast. Instead, use content that is creative or funny, relays information about your product or service, provides instructions, and ultimately, gives life to whatever you are promoting. Video is perfect for marketing physical products, but instead of just talking about the product or company, create a unique and compelling story. Customer testimonials are great, as are videos that inform, entertain, and educate. These are important aspects to keep in mind when developing your landing page video.

Landing page videos have the power to create a large amount buzz for any product or company when they are done correctly. This can be tricky, but if the content is there, the audience will most likely come. Still not sure about it? Well, check out our homepage video to see for yourself.

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