12th April 2013

How to Create Online Video Ads 

Techniques to encourage engagement with your viewers

Online video ads can be tricky – you don’t want to spam your viewers, but you want to get your point across. With companies increasingly using this avenue to promote their brand, you don’t want to fall behind on this trend. So if you want to make engaging online video ads that don’t spam your viewers, then use our tips below.

1. Decide what you want to accomplish. Don’t just throw all of your information out there. Start by sitting down and asking yourself – why am I making this ad? Get your goals in order. Are you trying to attract attention to your site? Is this a shortened ad of one of your explainer video? What is the real bottom line.

2. Be quick about it. In your regular explanatory videos, you have a full minute or two to explain your product. In a video ad, you have about 20-30 seconds, so hurry up and tell me why this ad is important. Is there a discount? Great! Tell me that up front so I tune in to hear more.

3. Be careful with text. If you have five different text sizes in eight colors, that will hurt our eyes. Make sure to have no more than two different text sizes and keep the color changes to a minimum. Using minimal text can make your message more powerful, so make sure you only include necessary text, not everything written out.

4. Images are key. When deciding what images to use in your video ad, make sure they are eye-catching. If something is dull or boring, the viewer will most likely click right off that ad. If it is something exciting and thrilling, then you have got their attention, so they will stay on longer to hear about your offering.

Video ad production can be like explainer video production, but on a shorter and faster scale. This market will only continue to grow throughout 2013, so make sure to create a video ad for your product, service, or company before your competitor does!

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