15th April 2013

How to Hire a Voiceover Artist or Presenter

You are on your way to having the best explanative video and your next step is hiring a voiceover artist or presenter.  Great!  You can just record it yourself or put yourself in the video, especially if you are trying to really cut costs, this is an option.  However, if you are looking for a professional, there are some factors to consider before hiring.

Target Market

Who is your target market?  If it’s women, then I wouldn’t put a man in your video.  If it’s young people, then an older person won’t work.  Make sure to match your target market as best you can in terms of voice and looks.  If you are making a video for a startup, then a person in their 20s or 30s (male or female), more casually dressed is probably best.  Always remember your target market when deciding on a voiceover or presenter.

Send the Script

A voiceover artist or presenter will be able to send you a more complete proposal after they see the script and scope of work.  This may seem like a no brainer, but sending the script early on will give the artist time to get a feel for the product and voice.

Give details

If you already know you want an upbeat and cheery voiceover, then let them know!  Voiceover artists and presenters are professionals and can give you many different versions, but if they know upfront what sort of voice you are looking for, then it will make the process shorter.


Depending on how you find the voiceover or presenter (whether directly or through an agency), you typically are able to audition different people before diving in.  Find out how that works through your agency or individual and get a snippet before hiring – this will ensure you are happy with the results.  There are great sites such as voices.com, where you can find great talent — we use it too!

Most explanatory videos use a voiceover and some include a presenter, so if you are working on some explainer videos, you most likely will have to go through this process.  You video production company typically has a set list of talent they use, so you probably won’t need to do this alone!

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