2nd November 2012

How to measure the Success of your Online Video

People wonder if explanatory videos actually work to get the message across and convince consumers to subscribe to the product advertised. Recent studies show that clear, engaging videos can increase conversion rates by 10%-15%, depending on popularity and exposure. So how do we measure if a video is effectively doing what it is supposed to? In the explanatory video world, there are various metrics that we can look at to see what hooks the target audience.

Explainer videos don’t usually “go viral,” but this observation shouldn’t be news to you. It is common sense that explainer videos can have some entertainment value, but not enough to be shared across the web. Obviously, viral pass-along is not the only way to measure the success of a video. For promotional purposes, explainer videos with proper advertising can increase traffic to the website. So, how can you judge your video?

explanatory videos

Website Visits: Since your video might be on other platforms besides your own, this is a good measure to see how effectively your video convinced consumers to go to your site to learn more.

View Metrics: Probably one of the most important metrics to indicate how much exposure your video is getting.

Number of Views: This shows how many views a video has accumulated and the number of unique viewers (people who had a purpose) that watched a video.

Engagement Metrics

  • The number of people subscribing is a good indicator of how your video is appealing to your audience. Subscribing to a video means that that person wants to be notified on new updates or new videos from you, therefore offering up some kind of loyalty to your product or service.
  • The quantity and quality of the comments summarizes how many viewers took the time to express their opinion on your video
  • Also, video heat maps help indicate user activity, by showing if particular parts of the video engage or not.
  • The number of times viewers gave you a positive or negative rating through the Like and Dislike button is a good way get a general consensus of the success of your video.

So, your B2B or educational or 3D animation video didn’t go viral — that doesn’t mean it’s a failure! Now you know many other ways to see how successful your video can be.

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