31st October 2012

Why Has Gangnam Style Gone Viral?

Have you become one of the Korean pop sensation “Gangnam Style” fans yet? This upbeat K-pop dance video has recently made the Guinness Book of World Records for most liked video in YouTube history, making going viral an understatement, but what makes this video any different than others?

Well, like all web videos, even if it’s K-Pop, there is a story to tell. This still-viral music video was actually inspired by the Gangnam region of Korea where the women “dress classy and dance cheesy,” says Psy the K-pop star. What is his method to this madness, a joke–Koreans should be able to let go of their inhibitions and dance!

Bet you didn’t know that…so why can’t we get enough? First, let us consider what is different about this than other viral hits, which is the bit of unexpectedness that this video offers. Within each minute, displays a different scene completely unrelated from the next. Unlike many other website videos, Gangnam Style is packed with various themes into one video, so each time viewers watch it, they are bound to discover something new…by watching it again!

Although these ever changing themes may seem complex, the overall message of Gangnam Style is simple, repetitive and fun. Everyone likes a catchy dance tune, even in a language that a majority of the world doesn’t understand.

Gangnam Style Video

Speaking of dance tunes, Gangnam Style pulls off moves that are just crazy enough to try. Yea it looks silly, but doesn’t electric slide and every other catchy dance move?

Overall, this video introduces a combination of new components for viewers, an addictive dance with a catchy tune and an entertaining video. In truth, why else would we watch a video, if we couldn’t dance to it?

What can explanatory video experts take from a K-pop sensation…the unexpected! All viewers, young or old want to be entertained while learning something new. Consider this when delivering your company message as components of viral videos, because your company will be on its way to Gangnam style! And If you haven’t already, join this growing trend, turn up the volume, and ride that pony!

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