10th October 2012

Where Should I Post my Video?

You’ve already produced your video; now you’re wondering, OK… what’s next. Well, depending on your content, you have some choices on where to promote your video. And here is why you might want to consider Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Pinterest.


You might think this is just a medium to share updates, pictures or create an event for that rager you’re having on Saturday night. But, Facebook is actually an effective platform for video promotion. According to a report by Tubemogul and Brightcove, back in 2010, Facebook became the number two source of traffic to online videos at media sites. There’s over 600 million users on there, so while yes, we still post our weekend pictures, we also watch a lot of videos on Facebook.


No you can’t watch videos on Twitter, but you can share them on this site. And guess what? Twitter users are more likely to watch a longer video. When people click on your video from Twitter, they are more in it for the long haul, so if you’re aiming for online video marketing and your ad goes a bit longer than the rest, don’t forget to post that link on your Twitter account. Why is this? Well people decide who to ‘follow’ on Twitter, so they essentially already trust your brand – as much as you can trust a brand online.


We all know the statistics here. YouTube rocks the charts when it comes to video-viewing. However, this number is seemingly decreasing as Facebook grows and grows. While we are not sure what the future will hold for YouTube, it still tops the chart in terms of video watching.


This platform has skyrocketed to the number three social media site behind Facebook and Twitter. While some still think this is a girly waste of time site, smart brands have realized that this is a gold mine in terms of advertising. The platform allows video, though not many are taking advantage of using Pinterest for video. As Pinterest continues to capture the attention of consumers, brands should find a way to get in front of them with video.

So, when you’re working on your next web video production creation, keep these sharing sites in mind. It’s not enough to simply post your content on YouTube – you have to share, share, share to grow your brand.

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