21st October 2013

Video Themes: Choosing the Right Setting for Your Video

When creating your explainer video, there are numerous factors to take into consideration.  One main factor that many forget is the setting of your video. What setting would best allow your viewers to understand the purpose of the video?

For many company videos, the office setting best displays their product, as it is a product for the office.  This might seem too obvious, but sometimes, unfortunately, video producers forget this simple fact. Let’s watch an example. Take a look at the motion graphics video that we completed for TrueAbility.  Watch the entire video and notice how the office setting allows us to visualize the convenience of this product.

How does the office setting improve TrueAbility’s explainer video?

IT Recruitment

Here we see exactly what department the product is geared towards. The “I ♥ HR” mug kind of gives it away.

In this scene of the office, the video explains what productivity your business could be losing by taking away IT professionals from their projects and not utilizing the TrueAbility product in daily office routine.  See…there is no one.

IT Recruitment

The section is showing a visualization of how the product works as a practical candidate evaluator.

Now that we understand the importance of the office setting in this video, we can see how it could not work in any other setting. Sometimes video production companies try to get overly complicated with settings, and the result is the viewer doesn’t fully understand the product.

When making a video, be sure to include aspects that are useful to the viewer and helps them understand why you’re promoting your product; after all, that is the objective of making a video. If you need help with this aspect of your video for business, then shoot us an email: info@revolution-productions.com.

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