23rd October 2013

How to Choose the Best Background for Your Online Video

As the demand for animated explainer videos continues to rise, you’re probably starting to pay more attention towards creating the next trending video. You know that you need to focus on a solid script and distinguishable animations, but are you are leaving out one key visual element? That’s right – the background. The design of the background is a surprisingly essential component to setting the tone of an animated video. And since there are so many backgrounds to choose from, here’s our pick of the best three backgrounds that will improve your next animated video.

Realistic Background

A realistic background is just that – realistic. Depending on the topic of your video, it may seem more fitting to recreate a realistic setting in the background such as a skyscraper outline, home decor with dainty wallpaper, or even the backdrop of an office.

Why use a realistic-style background?

This is a perfect style to visually show viewers where to use your product or service. Additionally, by creating a  visual setting for viewers, you are able to selectively target your audience; you know an office for business people or a spa for women, etc.

video background

video backgrounds

Whiteboard Background

Plain white backgrounds for online videos have gained immense popularity over the past few years,  often being referred to as whiteboard animation.  Typically whiteboard style animation involves a hand drawing out concepts behind your video message, but whether your explainer video includes this action or not, having a simple white background is an exceptional way to showcase the most important thing – your content.

Why use a White Background?

White backgrounds for animated videos are ideal for businesses with difficult products or services to explain.  The stark white background offers the illusion of simplicity. Also, since it reminds viewers of the classic whiteboard, it puts viewers in the learning mindset,  making them ready to learn about the information your video will tell them. If your business software or products are difficult to explain, then a solid white background maybe the best solution for your online video.

video background

video background

Colorful Background

A colorful background tends to offer a little something extra to the overall feel of an animated video. When lined up next to whiteboard videos, the punch of color appears more welcoming to the viewers’ eyes.

Why would your company need color in the background?

Well, besides looking attractive on their own, incorporating color throughout your video is a subtle way to constantly brand yourself. As you will see from our example below for Bluefur, we used a striking blue background. Was that coincidence? Absolutely not. We made sure to make the bluest video that you just can’t take your eyes off of.

video background

As you can see, backgrounds play an important role in the overall feel of your explainer video. In the end, how you want your video to appear is up to you, but always consider – what style of background will best accentuate your company’s message?

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