24th May 2012

Viddy: The Twitter for Video

After our review of SocialCam, we thought it only fair to review competitor Viddy, a free app that allows users to capture and share videos with others in the Viddy community and also on popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter. This app has many celebrity backers such as Mark Zuckerberg, Shakira, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg and Will Smith. The latest celebrity to use Viddy is the infamous Justin Bieber, who posted a shirtless video of himself. So now we know Viddy’s popularity will rise…at least in the female ages 10-16 demographic.

If you haven’t heard it already, a major selling point of Viddy is that it has Instagram-like effects. Ugh, why is everyone always talking about Instagram?! Well, maybe because it sold for $1billion, who doesn’t want to replicate that deal? Viddy allows users to use special filters over their videos, giving them the vintage-looking “Instagram effect”.

The other major feature of Viddy is that all videos must be 15 seconds or less, making this app something like the “Twitter for video”. The short time limit means users must get creative to transmit the message of their video in an extremely concise way, an exercise that all video-makers can learn from, even if you specialize in explainer videos or animated videos.

The app was launched a mere year ago and currently has 26 million users, which has been boosting online video production substantially. So how does it actually work? Capturing your video is simple, the camera tab on the menu starts your video-making adventures. When you’ve finished, you have the option to apply special effects, sound and vintage filters to create a unique video. After this, don’t forget to name your video and add a description before sharing it on a social network. You can even upload videos that are already on your iPhone to be shared on Viddy.


So what are Viddy’s social networking features? Well, like Instagram, the video feed displays everyone’s videos posted by Viddy users. From here, you can Like, comment and share the videos to other social networks. You can view which videos are popular under the ‘fire’ icon and check out what everyone is talking about. To follow people, tap on their profile picture, then their videos will show up on your stream, so you can always keep up to date on what your friends are getting up to and check out their interactive online videos!

Surely there are some cons to this easy-to-use, fun app? Well, yes there are. Its main down-fall, some may say, is its 15 second time limit. Viddy’s rival, Socialcam enables video shooting for however long you like. However, Viddy’s time limit does level out the playing field and let’s be honest, most of you have a short attention span anyway! Try it out and let us know what you think.

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    25th May 2012 at 11:11 am · Reply

    Viddy is really the great path for videos to publicise them . I have never heard about viddy but i come to know through your post . Thanks for sharing.

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