17th May 2012

Using Music in an Explanatory Video

Using music in a product demo video can be tricky, especially when trying to decide between a song, sound effects, and when to place the voice-over. If you are making the video yourself, you need to be careful to not overwhelm the content with an irrelevant song or ridiculous sound effects; it all has to flow and make sense. Just because you found a really cool rocket sound, it doesn’t mean that it fits with an explanatory video on business etiquette.

If you decide to add music into web videos, you cannot just add in any song you feel like because of a little thing called copyright. Instead, there are stock music providers such as Premium Beat, Audio Jungle and IB Audio. Make sure all of the stock music you purchase is royalty free and comes with the proper license for unrestricted web use. Don’t get into trouble!

Alright, so you added a great hit into your web video for business, now you’re weaving it in and out of your footage. Make sure not to blast the song (no matter how great it is), but rather keep it lower than your speaker. You don’t want to jar your viewer and send them scrambling to find their volume key. Keep it appropriate, people.

music in video

As for sound effects, they can add a lot of value to Internet videos. Sound effects can be purchased in bulk or downloaded one at a time; Freesound.org is a good, free sound effects option.

Always remember (because we always say this): Keep it simple! The music or sound effects is not the central thesis of your explanatory video, so don’t let it be the only thing people remember. The sound should add to the point of your video, not take away from it.

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