10th May 2013

How to be Genuine in Online Video

In this latest web video for a small business, we highlight Beachway Therapy Center using an animated case study of their average client. This video is very specifically targeted for people with alcohol or drug abuse, so we had to make a very relatable character – someone who wants to turn their life around. First take a look and see what we did with the video and how we used a case study:

The video starts off at an absolute rock bottom caused by drug and alcohol abuse, but, by the end of the story line, our character is hanging out with his friends at the beach! This topic can be difficult for some, so we kept the video tasteful and sensitive. This can be tricky when it comes to explainer videos — the worst thing that you can do is offend people.

So how did we make this video stand out? Well, we wanted to assure potential clients that this was not just another rehab center, this was much much more, even a home. The story of drug and alcohol abuse is all too common so it was important for us to highlight the potential happiness that exists at the end of the journey after Beachway.

When making a web video for a business, it’s important to have a clear call to action in order to guide your viewer to the next step. This videos call to action is simple and straightforward: call Beachway if you have a drug or alcohol problem that you need help sorting out. This case study gives a great summary of the services provided by our client in an easy to follow storyline that highlights why the viewer should use Beachway.

If you need help with how to market your business, shoot us an email and we can help build you an original explainer video!

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