8th May 2013

How to Set an Expectation to Hit a Goal for Online Videos

When starting a video marketing campaign, a creative and specialized strategy will make all the difference in your success. If you’re going to be making explainer videos, then you want them to service their purpose, right? So, there are a few things you should think about before getting that production crew ready. Here are some tips for setting goals on your next video campaign.

expectation to hit a goal

Think about what you want your video to do

It may sound basic, but the most important step in setting goals is to consider what you want your explanatory videos to do. Are you making a video to draw more users to your sight? Are you hoping to sell more of a certain product? Are you hoping to explain a service? Or are you just trying to get some YouTube facetime (hopefully not this one)? Figuring out your intended goals will make it much easier to evaluate the success of your video later on. If you go in without an exact goal, there will be a good chance you are disappointed by the results in one way or another.

Be realistic about the scope of your video

Don’t think that one 30 second video is going to be able to explain your products, website, and act as a promotional video. Sure, that 30 second video is a good place to start, but just keep in mind that multiple videos might be required to explain everything. You should expect your video to hit its target audience and accomplish your stated goals; however, don’t expect your explainer video to go viral the instant it hits the web.

What is your call to action?

Do you want viewers to share your video? Maybe you want people to visit your website after the video is over or you want them to download a new app, either way, give direction! Don’t make it sound like an order, but suggest to your viewers what you want them to do after watching your video. Remember, lots of views doesn’t mean much if you can’t increase sales or accomplish your original goals. While your intentions might seem clear in your mind, it will usually be less obvious to someone on the outside.

Understand video promotion

When setting goals for your video you need to consider your own promotion efforts. If you only share this video on a facebook page with 25 followers, you shouldn’t expect much feedback. If you are going to actively promote your video on different social media platforms, do media outreach, and interact with viewers, you can expect much better results. If your intentions are only to inform current customers on an issue, video outreach may not be as important but its still important to consider promotion efforts when setting expectations.

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