8th March 2013

Use Animated Video to Describe your Product or Service

We have a tricky one this week, readers. We have another awesome company that really benefits from an explanatory videos. This week we worked with Reliable Hosting’s product. StrongVPN. The client, a company that provides high speed VPN services to the world, wanted our video services to explain the benefits of using Strong VPN, especially a Strong VPN router.

Check out the video to see what we did:

So, we need an easy way for viewers to visualize how exactly their product can benefit them. Basically you can use StrongVPN on different media devices such as PS3, Xbox, Robu, and others.So you have some devices in the attic, some downstairs, and of course multiple in some rooms. And how does this work? Easy…

Explanatory Video

And if you have multiple devices in your home, all connected to one account. The ideal situation is that everything is connected at the same time. So, that’s what the StrongVPN router does. See how we make this easy to understand visually in the storyboard below.

Animated Video for Business

See how the visuals make it really easy for the viewer to understand the benefits of our client? And now! Look how happy our little man is when he has it all together:.

animated video for business

Wow, indeed. One of the most important factors of a video is to make sure the visuals are not only appealing to the viewer, but also descriptive of the product. As you can see by our house, the StrongVPN router connects everything, everywhere in your home. By being able to see in the house, our viewers can understand the true benefits of this product.

Some technology products can be hard to describe only in text, which is why a text-based and video-based website does really well. If you’re thinking about the best way to describe your product, reach out to us! We can help put your ideas into videos.

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