19th June 2013

Online Protection: How to Protect your Online Business against Fraud

Check out another one of our awesome videos we made for Signifyd. Today we’re talking about how to know whether an online transaction is valid or not. Especially for small businesses, this can be tough, because fraudsters can use stolen credit cards to buy products online. So, how can you detect and eliminate these threats? Check out the video we made to find out:

So, this gets pretty complicated, because there are numerous characters involved. We have our business owner, our fraud detector, our gift buyer, and gift receiver. All are impacted by whether or not the charge is considered fraud. And what’s the solution? Well, that’s our client, of course!
So how did we make this explainer video simple and easy to understand? Well, first we introduced all of the characters in the beginning, because that explains the story better. We need to know who everyone is first before we jump in. Next, we explain the problem: Fraud. Then we explain the solution, again, our client. And then we slowly and carefully explain how the product works, using our characters.

Technical products can be tricky in an explainer video, because we want the viewer to understand how the product works completely. In this video, we clearly explain the problem and solution in order to simply show the viewer how the product works. This problem-solution method works well for products that are a bit more complicated.

And then what happens at the end? We get a superhero…a Signifyd Superhero

See what we did there with the ‘S’? The Signifyd superhero saves the sale. And now the bike shop and all the customers are safe to purchase what they would like. We like to use this metaphor, especially when it comes to online theft, a growing problem.

If you need to be saved from not having an explainer video, then give us a call!

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