20th June 2013

How to Create a Production Strategy for your Next Video

As you know, to create a cohesive video you must properly brainstorm, strategize, and execute, in order to receive strong results. One of the first steps to making a successful explainer video is to create a video production brief, as known as a pre-production strategy. What’s that you ask? Well basically, it’s a one page outline that includes key points that will help the company understand your needs and goals of the video. This document may seem subpar, but once it comes time to film, people tend to lose track of  all the components that were desired for the video.

How do you make a video production brief?

Pre-production brief

Company Background: First we need to know who you are, how you started, what’s going on, etc. This part also includes your target market, so that we can make sure to appeal to them in our corporate video.

Purpose of your Video: So, why do you want a video? Is it a product launch? Is it an explainer video about an existing service? Is it a testimonial? We need to know why you want this video.

Key Messaging: What are important points that we must touch on when making the video? You’re the expert in your product, so make sure to give us key messages that you want conveyed before we begin the online web video production.

Goals: What do you want this video to achieve? Is this a video to increase sales? Is this to get people to take advantage of your promotion? Is this just to show off how cool your product is? By giving us an idea of the goals you want to achieve, we can better shape the video.

Budget: This is an important point for both you and your video production company. Make sure to give an estimate of budget and expenses before the process starts. That way, in the end, there are no surprises for anyone and we all end up happy.

So there you have it – pretty simple, right? Most video production companies will send you a form, but now you are even more prepared to begin your video!

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