14th January 2013

Use your Mobile Device to Stay Organized

Need to organize your meetings? Me too! We worked with Meetme.at, an awesome application that lets you organize meetings on your mobile device. What can you do? Glad you asked! Using this app, you can vote on location and dates for your meeting, allowing all meeting attendees to choose the location they prefer and the dates they can attend, which can eliminate a lot of unnecessary emails.

Let’s take a look at the video. Who are these people?

Busy business people who need to use Meetme.at

They’re busy and important business people that probably get hundreds of emails a day. So, let’s eliminate the back and forth on emails about place and time of an event, and organize it all under one application, where each individual can choose the date and location best suited for them. This is the application’s target audience, as it is always an annoyance when trying to set up a meeting with conflicting schedules.

This is what it’s like without the application:

Snapshot of explanatory video for MeetMe.at by Revolution Productions

A woman’s meeting filled with clutter

Clutter. Someone texts, another calls, another emails about the same meeting, so the application seeks to clean up that mess. Which is why we clean up the graphics in our video to correspond with that.

MeetMe.at knew they wanted a clear voice when it came to our  production, which is why they came to us to make their awesome explainer video! We love diving deep to discover how we can best showcase the cool tools and products that our clients create.

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