7th June 2013

How to Create a Web Video for your Business

Here are Revolution Productions, we do a lot of video production for businesses.

Most recently, we worked with Grapevine, an online employee evaluation tool.

In our blogs, we often talk about how to make an awesome web video, so for this blog, we are going to discuss the formula that went into making the Grapevine video.

First, start with the problem.

For this video, we have an HR professional, Mary, who has to do a lot of employee evaluations in a short amount of time.


What’s the problem? Mary does not have the technology that is cost-efficient yet effective enough to keep everything organized.

Problem: No cost-efficient and effective online employee evaluation tool.

Next, state the solution.

Enter: Grapevine Evaluations!

This comprehensive tool can make Mary’s life oh so easy by organizing all of her needs.

Human Resources

Third, explain the tool.

We next explain how the tool works, why it’s so great, and how Mary’s life will change forever.

In this section it is important to point out if you have an edge on your competition and just how your customer can enjoy the benefits of your offering.

Human Resources

Last, the call to action.

Your video must end with a call to action so your viewer knows where to go and what to do next.

For Grapevine it’s pretty simple: Go to the website and see how you can improve your process.

Here take a look at the video that we created to explain this great tool!

Human Resources Evaluation

Now, this formula isn’t an exact science, but in almost all explainer videos, all of these points must be included.

If you’re struggling, you can always contact us to help you along in your video production needs! Here take a look at the video that we created to explain this great tool!

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