9th January 2013

How to Explain Cloud-Based Inventory Products

Are you a small-to-medium sized business? Well read on, this one is for you! Our latest explainer video is for EazyStock, a cloud-based inventory management software solution from Syncron. As we’ve said before, explanatory videos are great for cloud-based inventory products, since they can get pretty complicated. Check out the video first so we’re all on the same page:

Let’s take a closer look at our video, and our  production skills. This product can “reduce inventory costs, increase revenue and profitability, and create a competitive advantage”; in other words, EazyStock can simplify things for you. So how did we show that? Well take a look at the beginning of the video:

cloud-based inventory

Two words come to mind here: unorganized and unhappy. The boxes don’t fit, they aren’t lined up, and the character is frowning. Now, this, of course, is pre-using EazyStock. And post, we get something like this:

cloud-based inventory

Three words come to mind here: Organized, happy, and profit. EazyStock can simplify our workflow, so we show that by organizing our animation. We did this so you can visually see how your life can be improved using this product.

Well, we hope you enjoyed some our video production secrets. Check back next week for more!

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