21st January 2013

How to Appeal to your Audience in an Explainer Video

It’s time to showcase our international talents as well! Today’s spotlight is UNear, a bi-lingual Brazilian company that strengthens and manages customer relationships. Let’s get right to it and watch the explainer video that we made for them!

As consumers, don’t we all hate having blanketed customer service? It’s like speaking to a robot sometimes that spits out the same messages…

animated explainer video

See what we did there? We made a robot. But our skills as an online video production company don’t end there. We understood the client’s desire to showcase how they can improve customer service and effectively manage these relationships, so we made two examples: the loan-seeker and the gift buyer. As an Internet video production company, we know how to appeal to different consumers, hence the two characters. We use those two in order to show the different type of examples and how both can be aided by UNear.

And what do we see at the end of the video? Happy, smiley faces!

explainer video

If you’re making an explanatory video, it is vital that your production understands how to make your explainer video positive, clear, and concise. Sometimes one example is not enough, and you need to go on for fifteen seconds longer, which is the case for UNear, a comprehensive and large offering. So make sure to talk with them to ensure you have a video that comes across clear but powerful to your viewer.

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