23rd January 2013

How Orbitz Succeeded with a Video Marketing Campaign

Looks like somebody did their research. Orbitz, the online travel booking giant, has launched a new video series called I Love New York, which showcases parts of New York state other than the city. What’s that, you say? Yes, Orbitz has launched a campaign to attract travelers to luxurious places all over the large state of New York.

And their efforts should prove fruitful, as 90% of travelers watch online videos. That’s almost everyone! The videos are part of a partnership between Orbitz and New York State tourism, which just makes sense; it’s sort of a win-win for the two companies.

video marketing

So, the question is, are explanatory videos the new ‘IT’ thing for tourism? Probably. In addition to the whopping 90% of travelers watching video, according to Google and Ipsos, “60% of business travelers and 41% of leisure travelers have watched, uploaded or commented on travel videos online.” It seems as though affluent travelers are really encouraged by explanative video, as 74% of this demographic was prompted to book travel by an online video.

And we think all of these numbers will continue to grow. Why? Because the power of explainer videos continues to infiltrate mainstream media. Orbitz and New York State tourism are two early-adopters, and their campaign will probably prove to be very successful, given the tactics.

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