25th September 2013

Making a Business Video? Don’t forget a Call to Action!

When making a company video, the call to action is probably the most vital part.  It’s the ‘what to do next’ part of the video, inciting your viewer to act, and without it, you can lose the point of your video.  There are different types of call to actions to add into business videos, each one effective in its own way.  Read on to find different types of call to actions that will make your web video strong.

1. Give Them Something.  A great type of call to action is a discount or promo.  This offering must be easy to redeem so that the user doesn’t get frustrated or confused.  It also must be relatively valuable so that your viewer wants to take action.  Putting a rewarding discount will make your audience act at the end of your video.

2. Make Them Go Somewhere.  Another option is including a link to your website or a next step.  With this, make sure to clearly put your website and speak it with the voiceover.  Explain what the viewer will see when they click on your website, ie: Go to our website where you will find more information or something prompting them.  When you make an online video, you want to be sure that your next step is very clear and easy – so not a too long link or something they can’t remember.

3. Have them Share Something.   Your call to action can ask your viewer to do a little work.  Maybe you want them to share something on Facebook or other social media sites.  You can ask them to like your page or follow you on Twitter.  Your call to action doesn’t have to be go directly to your website, instead you can prompt the audience to go to a social media site or share something on their own pages.

Video marketing is a great way to promote your product or service, and the call to action is an incredibly important part of that video.  In the end, be sure to be clear, concise, and don’t confuse the viewer.  On that note…

call to action

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