26th September 2012

Shoot Online Videos with your iPhone 5 Camera

Surprise, surprise! The hottest topic in the news last week was the release of the new iPhone 5. Between all of the harsh critiques and mass demands for pre-orders of the phone, the public got the chance to hear about the differences from the iPhone 4S and all of the new features of the iPhone 5.

Now, let’s talk about the video capabilities. Not many changes were made to the cameras on the phone and the video capacities, but any changes and improvements can have a positive impact on the overall video quality. To be viewed on the improved full HD, 4-inch Retina display, the iPhone 5 now takes video on the upgraded ‘iSight’ camera. This consists of the same 8mp lens but has improved HDR. The back camera has the capability to take 1080p HD videos, while the front camera is now at 720p HD. Apple has improved the video stabilization which helps prevent shaky footage (thankfully!) and also upgraded the facial detection to up to 10 people.

iPhone camera

Another new and exciting addition is the ability to take a still photo while you are recording with the back camera. Not only were the cameras upgraded, but Apple has added an additional microphone (now with one on the bottom, front, and back of the device) for better sound quality on your videos.

So what does the iPhone 5 mean for videos? People and companies today are ditching their old camcorders and cameras and relying on their iPhones as their primary tool for recording. As an item that never leaves most consumers’ hands, the iPhone leads to an increase in the amount of videos being taken and even the quality of the many videos. With the improved video and sound capabilities, everyone can be more confident when sending off their videos to businesses, clients, or anyone for that matter!

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