30th September 2013

The Importance of Sound Effects in your Promotional Video

Watch a video, any video.  Now, close your eyes and watch the same video.  It is a completely different experience when all you hear are the sounds.  Even if they aren’t the first thing you notice, sound effects can make or break your promotional video.  Why? Because they draw in viewer attention and play with emotions.

Sounds also give videos realism.  Characters in the video are usually doing everyday actions,so it is important to reinforce these actions with the sounds that people are used to hearing.  This keeps the audience engaged and interpreting the message of your video.  So if you’re character is walking up the stairs, include that sound to bring the video to life.

Especially in the case of explainer videos, using sounds to encourage or advocate actions being done in the video will lead the viewer right to your product or service.  Simply adding a reassuring ding or a familiar click entices the viewer to want to interact with your product or service.  These sounds indicate that you did something right and guide the viewer along your demonstration.  The viewer will want this same satisfaction that is displayed by the characters in the video when these sound effects occur.

For example, check out how the sound effects are utilized in this company video created for ReviewUs:

At the beginning, the washed out sounds indicate that loyalty cards are not the best route to take.  In contrast, all of the clicks and dings throughout the rest of the video encourage the viewer that they are taking the right steps by using the loyalty system promoted.  Even the familiar sound of coffee pouring should not be ignored in its effectiveness in getting the viewers attention.

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Sound is a very important element in your company video, so don’t forget to pay close attention to this aspect.

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