11th June 2012

Video in Banner Ads: Creating a Web Banner with Video

Have you ever seen a web banner ad? Obviously. Have you ever seen a video in that banner ad? Maybe…but you probably didn’t click it. How do I know that? Banner ads have an average click-through rate of one in 1,000. Eeesh. However, Mashable put together a list of 10 Amazingly Clickable Banner Ads and guess what? They’re videos! There is definitely a video revolution going on in the banner ad world, so lets take a look.

First you should know, there are two types of video advertising: in-banner and pre-roll. An in-banner ad is in a banner, yepp that simple, and it requires viewers to press play. Pre-roll is a 15 or 30 second video ad that plays before video content; you have probably seen these on Hulu or other sites. But back to in-banner ads!

Creating a Web Banner with Video

In terms of engagement, sometimes viewers don’t realize what they are clicking on (that it is actually an advertisement), so by creating a web banner ads can get viewer attention if they’re good. If you are going to make one, there are two ideas to keep in mind for the video production online:

Keep it targeted and make your point. Just like all of the other explanatory videos, these videos still need to appeal to your target. Use the time wisely – these videos are short, and not always clicked on! According to PointRoll, the average brand interaction time on an in-banner video ad is 16.9 seconds. This is just like typical web video creation, don’t drag on about something, because you’ll lose time.

So, in sum, keep the video interesting and appeal to your viewers. These ads are a great way to showcase a coupon or promotion. Remember, as Mashable says, “banners need not be boring.”

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