14th June 2012

Educational Videos: Learning from the Best

Though we have spent much time highlighting web videos for advertising, today we’re going to talk about a different kind of web video service: the Educational Video. Sometimes called e-learning videos, this type of video can be dated back to 1942 when the US government showed a film series to military recruits called, “Why We Fight,” which resulted in a drastic increase in motivation to join the war effort. Power of video, eh?

Not just any video that teaches a subject will do, so don’t get too excited. There are some important things that you should keep in mind to enhance your educational video:

1. Respect the property of others (you learned this in Kindergarten, now didn’t you). If you use copyrighted material, you must reference where the video comes from.

2. Do not just dive into the subject-introduce the topic first so that your audience is aware of the key ideas to look out for. Warm us up a bit…

3. Like all videos, capture your audience’s attention! Not only make it interesting and creative, but also keep the video short. The average human attention span ranges from 2 minutes (babies) to a maximum of 20 minutes (adults), so make sure your video length will keep your average audience attentive.

4. Add some interactive online content. Quiz the audience on what they just learned to ensure information retention. Test us! We can take it.

Any subject can be made into an educational video-check out the 10 episode animated series we produced for CreditED, which teaches consumers about Mortgage lending and how to go about getting a mortgage. Come on, learn something!

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