30th July 2012

How far is too far, in the form of privacy?

I am sure you’ve heard, but if not, I’ll enlighten you. YouTube released a new tool that blurs out people’s faces on shared professional web videos. While for some this feature may be worthless, for others, the floodgates of video free speech have opened.

By offering anonymous videos, viewers will have access to those who cannot speak their opinions publicly. Think beyond the United States and consider the world viewpoints and stories that need anonymity. And of course, the children, Parents can feel more comfortable sharing videos or children, and others can run out of the shadows and speak their minds. (I’m sure this will happen).

A Pew source recently issued research justifying that YouTube is considered as a credible news source. Now, enabling activists or the voices of the unheard with news videos on the rise, it appears that we have stepped into a new world of viral video news broadcasting.

YouTube Video

Interesting how internet has become so deeply involved in our personal lives, that now we need to take a step back, to move forward. While we look forward to what this feature will bring to the news front, I’m not sure what this will mean for YouTube.

While most still see YouTube as the funny baby/puppy video source, perhaps the video giant can be one step closer to the professional page it is trying to be. Though YouTube is not quite there yet, having activists speak out against world injustices on the site can definitely help.

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