30th November 2012

How to Create a Split Screen Effect in Video

Split Screen effect is exactly what the name suggests: a video editing technique in which two video clips are displayed at the same time on different parts of the screen. Video-makers are always exploring new ways to make their product demo video more interesting, and this is a great way to improve a boring type of shot. It allows you to seamlessly cut from one scene to another, and induce suspense or excitement.

Split Screen for Video
Often times, people also use split screen to effectively juxtapose two images next to each other. These images can show the same action simultaneously happening, but from different perspectives.

For product demonstration videos, this tool is a useful way to show how a competing business does the same product/service compared to your own. For example, in your explanatory video, you could display on one side how obsolete and ineffective the old companies are, and on the other side how your company is going to revolutionize the industry with your innovative, game-changing strategies! A sample of how well it can be implemented is Salesforce’s video:

This is just one of many video editing effects that can change up your video, so definitely consider the split screen effect if you want to compare something or inspire action.

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