24th May 2013

Google Glass and the Future of Business Video

Businesses listen up, the next big thing in video communication has arrived, and it’s sure to get people talking. As you know, Google launched a new device, Google Glass, that enables you to augment your every living moment in the world through video. Although this may sound far-reaching, the possible uses of this device to enhance your business are endless.

Google Glass is a class of device that is going to do two things: it will augment our lives with relevant information, and it will record and broadcast our lives. Why would you and your business care about our daily encounters, thoughts, and activities? Well, let’s start with the fact that Google Glass will enable us to capture our raw, unencumbered experiences in real-time. These videos will show us living, communicating, learning, sharing, and recording our day-to-day activities, including every business and company we interact with on a regular basis.

Google Glass

Customer Experiences
Customer testimonials are one of the most powerful marketing tools you can employ. Now, imagine POV videos someone shared right after they had an exceptional experience with your brand. This real customer experience, whether good or bad, will be seen and shared by everyone in that network. Inevitably, your company will have nowhere to hide.

Customer Support
Customer service is a key factor of success for every business. There are some products and services that need more explanation and support, and for these, attentive customer service is ideal. Imagine being able to share your experience with someone at the help-desk who can see what you’re experiencing in real time– now that would be remarkable.

Advertising and Marketing
Although Google stated that advertising is not a priority for this new product, it most definitely will become one. Mobile advertising has yet to live up to its promise, with the exception of Foursquare and a few apps and games. These glasses will enable you acquire contextually relevant information about your surroundings. Where am I? What is this? Where do I go? All of these are advertising opportunities. Your device will be able to interpret your circumstances in real-time and provide information based on your voice requests and preferences.

Google Glass is huge for businesses and video production companies everywhere. Whether you’re capturing a shopping experience with access to real-time information, such as product specs, reviews, or comparing pricing, or getting immediate help assembling your new furniture unit, businesses are going to be able to engage with their customers in ways far beyond the mobile capabilities of today.

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