21st April 2015

Pairing Customer Testimonials with Animated Video

Pairing Animation with Customer Testimonials

Marketers and potential customers alike know the power of the customer testimonial, but an area that has been underestimated is the power of an animated video.

Many companies have customer testimonials and case studies available on their website, and this is a great way to offer insight into this area.  However, taking these testimonials to the next level in the form of an animated video makes the testimonials that much more impactful.

Look at a recent video produced for Bigstock as an example.  Bigstock ties an image and a human voice to three customer testimonials in place of simply adding text to their website.

By using an animated video, Bigstock is able to tell us more about the customers providing these testimonials with their imagery.  Three customers who work in different industries are shown along with their actual voices to make these testimonials feel much more real than a simple text blurb on a website.

You’ve already gathered customer testimonials for the same purpose and you have great relationships with customers who would be happy to lend their voices to a video like this.  If you’re trying to think of another angle to use in creating additional video for your brand, why not consider taking your customer testimonials to the next level?

Here is the full testimonial video from Bigstock:

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